Five Little Pumpkins
Five Little Pumpkins.jpg

5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate…

It started with a nature walk and a rhyming poem and grew from there! Today I’m sharing how we used our “pumpkins” to play and learn all afternoon! We began by collecting 5 smooth stones from a riverbed. We painted them orange and I added jack o’ lantern faces and ta-daaa! Pumpkins! Next we dreamed up all the fun things we could do with them!


I challenged the girls to stack the pumpkins and see how high they could get them to go! Could they balance all 5? I was surprised to see they did it! It’s not as easy as it looks! :) This activity encourages skills such as fine motor, spacial reasoning, and problem solving.


I grabbed a small white board and wrote a number on it. Then I’d ask the girls to add that number of pumpkins. Simple but fun when you make a game out of it. This activity encourages skills such as one-to-one correspondence, numeracy, number recognition, and number value.


Build a Wall

We pulled out the mega blocks and I challenged the girls to build a wall for the “pumpkins” to sit on. This activity encourages skills such as team work, problem solving, spacial reasoning, and creativity.


Pumpkin Hunt

This one was they girls favorite by far! They took turns hiding the pumpkins around the house and then finding them! So fun! Their bright orange color did make it a challenge to hide them but that just added to the fun!


Sensory Play

This was super simple and honestly I was surprised how much the girls loved it. They would bury the pumpkins and then re-discover them over and over. We used crinkly filler but any sensory material would work well (corn, rice, water, etc.)

Of course there’s always the fun rhyme to play too! I created a cute printable with the rhyme to go along with our activities too! You can download it free below!

Five Little Pumpkins.jpg
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JOY Filled Family Christmas

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