Good Night Gorilla, Animal Cookie Counting

Practice, practice, practice! We're working hard on number recognition and understanding number value. Today we learned and played with zoo animal cookies. I created a simple printable to accompany today's activity. All you'll need is animal cookies to accompany it but as an option you could use animal figurines too.

We started by touching and identifying each number together. I asked her to identify any number and touch it. Then, she would count out cookies to match that amount and put them in the "exhibit" rectangle. 

She's an early preschooler so we're only focusing on numbers 1-5 for now but this activity could be easily expanded to higher numbers. I'll create a blank version of this page and put it on my resource page later tonight. After all her great work a cookie or two was the perfect reward. :) 

Find your {FREE} downloadable printable below!