It's my heart to encourage parents. Raising little people is no small task. Some days feel full, some feel long, but no matter what each day is a gift. We want to help you live fully and enjoy loving these little years. One way to practically enjoy our babies is to invest in their learning. I spent 6 years teaching early elementary grades (K-4) including time as a reading and math interventionist. I have been a district K-2 math representative. I was trained in Leader in Me, Working on the Work (WOW,) Great Leaps, and mClass Burst (intervention) programs.  I've been a teacher at heart from as long as I can remember. It's the way Jesus created me. However, most importantly I am mama to three precious babies ages 3 and under. My oldest is 3 1/2 and ready to jump head first into what she calls, "mommy school." My youngest is 3 months old and while recovering from his delivery I began work on developing engaging literacy based learning activities.  Learning through play is something I'm passionate about and really enjoy! Over the last year as my oldest, MJ, became interested in school we started doing more learning activities together.  We both loved it and I particularly loved when I could include my middle baby, Sadie bug, in some activities too. 

Teaching little ones at home is no small task, particularly when you have multiple children. My heart is to encourage all parents whether you stay at home with your children, work at home, or work out of the home we can easily invest in the education of each of our littles. Activities don't have to be expensive or time consuming. Some frustrations can be alleviated when we move from Pinterest perfection to developmental appropriateness. My hope is for parents to see how simple it is to work together with their children and to feel confident in the investment they are making. I'd love to hear from y'all if you have questions about teaching your children, (what you need, where to start etc.)

Always feel free to connect with me through the contact page.